Cubby’s Going Home

We’re a professional design studio that creates living corporate identities, infographics and brands based on fictional identity characters and settings.
You’ll find us in Stockholm City, our home town and one of the most creative and innovative cities in the world.

milk bottle

The name Cubby’s Going Home started with the logo where a cub is seen from the back walking into the sun. We wanted a name that told another part of the same story and after several failed attempts our American friend Jennifer tweaked one of our ideas into Cubby’s Going Home. Which felt like the name we had looked for all the time.

Cubby on splash, black & white picture

The history

We had the idea to create an agency specializing in creation of living corporate identities and brands based on fictional identity characters for a long time. And the gradual development of skills and tools had been ongoing for 20 years, or more. We planned the launch several times but postponed because there was always something more important to do and we just couldn’t come up with the name it needed. So finally in 2014, Cubby’s Going Home was founded. And from that day we are following Cubby on an adventurous journey to home and apple pie. Come with us.

Article written by cubbysgoinghome