Cute Skulls


Cute Skulls

About Cute Skulls

Many myths exist about Cute Skulls.

According to one legend Cute Skulls was born from a voodoo ritual in the Caribbean which went wrong. With the intention of creating the most deadly pirate monster, a ritual was performed with the pirate flag and a bottle of poison as the main ingredients. There was just one problem, the bottle of poison was actually full of sweet candy and labeled as poison to keep the kids away from it. So instead of a deadly pirate monster Cute Skulls was created.

In truth, no one really knows about Cute Skulls background. What is known, is that Cute Skulls have been traveling the world as a label on many products. Silently watching and observing everything and getting to know many hidden secrets.


Cute Skulls is available for licensing in all territories.

Possible uses:
– Merchandize
– Fashion
– Interior decoration
– As a character in Movies
– As a character in Theatrical performances
– As a character in Art
– As a guest character in commercials
– Something else

Cute Skulls cannot be licensed as a corporate symbol, with the exception of companies where we own a substantial share.

Cute Skulls cannot be sub-licensed, with the exception of situations where we own a substantial share of the production Cute Skulls is licensed to.

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