Miss B’Head

About Miss B’Head

Miss B’Head is a ghost.

Miss B’Head has a very complex personality with an artistic drive to express her own identity as an art of life and afterlife. She’s often engaged in ectoplasmic performance and installation artworks featuring her head in multiple instances and exploring its beheaded relation to her body.

While she used to be a living person she is now a purely ectoplasmic person. Sometimes she’s just a floating picture and at other times she’s absolutely solid. Miss B’Head is perfectly capable of presenting herself as fully living, solid and not beheaded if she likes to.


Miss B’Head is available for licensing in all territories.

Possible uses:
– Merchandize
– Fashion
– Interior decoration
– As a character in Movies
– As a character in Theatrical performances
– As a character in Art
– As a guest character in commercials
– Something else

Miss B’Head cannot be licensed as a corporate symbol, with the exception of companies where we own a substantial share.

Miss B’Head cannot be sub-licensed, with the exception of situations where we own a substantial share of the production Miss B’Head is licensed to.

Article written by cubbysgoinghome