Owners & Staff

Erika Lockne

Identity Character & Logo Designer
Owner & Founder of Cubby’s Going Home

A charming and playful gust of wind, but a very private such. You dont´t see her, but you know she’s there. Like a sprite, but much nicer. Eri has an incredible sense of detail and a special gift of seeing what others don’t, but what makes the difference. Imagine that you’re standing in front of two almost identical pictures. You cannot decide what the difference is but you feel instinctively attracted to one of them, that’s the one Eri touched.

Constantly delving into design as both an expressive and an analytical discipline. She’s analyzing trends, core values of customers and always looking for the unique details. Details she interprets and transforms into her own perfect visual representation of its inner idea. Creating long-lasting and living corporate identities and characters.

Worked professionally with illustration, information graphics, identity design & graphic design since 2004. Educations & schools: Stockholm University (master degree), Forsbergs Skola.

Rasmus Larsson

CEO, Strategy and Development
Owner & Founder of Cubby’s Going Home

Worked professionally with futures research, trend spotting, method development, game design, strategy and business development within the areas of innovation, startups, marketing, design and internet since 1995.

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