Mouse House

The Mouse House

We made: the illustration, the graphic design, the character, the copy, the idea and strategy for the project and the pop-up technology solution.


Cubby’s Going Home

Art and design studio that creates Corporate Identities & Brands, Fictional Identity Characters, Infographics, Art & Illustration.
Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The name Cubby’s Going Home started with the logo where a cub is seen from the back walking into the sun…


Bony Fish

Bony Fish

Wikipedia tells us: ”Osteichthyes /ˌɒstiːˈɪkθi.iːz/, popularly referred to as the bony fish, is a diverse taxonomic group of fish that have skeletons…”



small freinds

Small Friends

Our Small Friends are many things: aliens, robots and angels. They live in different environmental settings. Sometimes they are here with us and sometimes in the air or far away in space or in the Smart City.

Owners & Staff

Owners & Staff

Eri Ka

Illustrator, Identity Character & Logo Designer
Owner & Founder of Cubby’s Going Home

Rasmus Larsson

CEO, Strategy and Development
Owner & Founder of Cubby’s Going Home