Living Identities & Characters

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At Cubby’s Going Home we take the art of fictional characters a step further. We create living corporate identities based on fictional identity characters.

Living corporate identity

A living corporate identity is a corporate identity with a living personality, a personality interacting with the world. As such, it creates the brand and it is the brand. In a world of global social media, where a brand can never be anything else but the entity behind it, brands have very little choice but to become identity based.

A traditional corporate identity can almost never become more than a shadow of the living cultural identity of the corporate entity, itself. It’s ill-suited to the task of carrying a brand in a world of social media. A living corporate identity, on the other hand, is perfect for the task.

Your corporate identity should drive your brand’s visibility. It should also help you formulate the right stories, memories and experiences around your company and products. A tool to create and develop relationships with customers and other crucial actors in the field of your business.

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Identity characters

Identity characters are mascots and at the same time more than mascots. Integrated in both the visual parts of your company’s identity and in your communication strategy, they become a tool for building relations and creation of business opportunities.

As tools, identity characters are well positioned for today’s marketing landscape, where storytelling, guerrilla campaigns, and viral marketing methods are at the core of online and offline marketing. Used right, they develop into very strong and profitable brands.

The perfect identity character has a simple, minimalistic appearance, with a complex personality and compelling story. True identity characters are surrounded by myths, memories and relations in order to build your identity into something unique and special. Something that makes you glow, and strengthens your advantages.

It’s easy to believe that creating identity characters is the creation of nice and fun stuff for collection, merchandise and gift-giving, while in truth it’s a strategic activity at the core of corporate brand creation.

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How we do it

To create a living corporate identity, we develop custom characters for your business. Character identity also influences our approach to the more traditional elements of your corporate identity, such as logos and graphical elements that merge with the rich environment where they are placed. No more restricted white space around the logo as long as it’s a high quality surrounding.

Each project has its own unique starting points, needs, circumstances and audience. A customized, skilled and committed team, and the time dedicated to the specific task, are the keys to a successful creation of a living corporate identity.

Our beliefs

We believe in helping customers build on the wealth and the competitive advantages they already possess in their products, their relationships, their reputation and the stories they give to the world.

We believe in helping customers create and manage their living corporate identity as one of the most important parts of their business and marketing strategy.

We listen first, then we try to understand, and only when we understand we do.

Article written by cubbysgoinghome