Little Bear ONEEYE

life in space

Our little bear lost one eye and became Little Bear ONEEYE. Thinking, the universe must be bigger than this, Little Bear ONEEYE left home one day and took a space rocket to the stars.

Always curios about what’s around the corner or over the next hill, Little Bear ONEEYE often ends up in danger and horror. But with the help of the lost unseeing eye, Little Bear ONEEYE can detect deadly dangers just before they happen, and get out of the dangers at the very very last moment.

astro angel


Little Bear ONEEYE is available for licensing in all territories.

Possible uses:
– Merchandize
– Fashion
– Interior decoration
– As a character in Movies
– As a character in Theatrical performances
– As a character in Art
– As a guest character in commercials
– Something else

Little Bear ONEEYE cannot be licensed as a corporate symbol, with the exception of companies where we own a substantial share.

Little Bear ONEEYE cannot be sub-licensed, with the exception of situations where we own a substantial share of the production Little Bear ONEEYE is licensed to.

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